Stephanie Hayden 2014 Calendar

Stephanie Hayden, from the TV show Sons of Guns, has a new calendar for 2014 available for pre-order on eBay at $19.99+$5.68 shipping. Based on the eBay username shayden333 and that copies are autographed, I’d guess it is being sold directly. I don’t know about the content, but the below image is one of the best I’ve seen of her.

S. Hayden

I find it impossible to mention anything about Sons of Guns without mentioning at least a partial opinion. I don’t watch the show; one season was enough. There appears to be some unsafe and ridiculous practices on the show, but I believe they are staged and edited for drama and showmanship. They did have some ATF issues, but they now have it cleared up.

The other reality shows centered on firearm companies are equally embarrassing; Combat Pawn is much worse.

Written by Sub Machine Girls

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