Amy: FNP-45 Tactical

Amy holding an FNH-USA FNP-45 Tactical FDE with a Trijicon RMR, the pistols are made in flat dark earth or black. FN made slight improvements to the FNP-45 and re-released it as the FNX-45.

Amy - FNP-45 Tactical FDE

While the FNP-45 predated the FNP-9, FNP-40, and FN-357 (.357 SIG) in design, the .45 AUTO was actually released to the public last. The smaller calibers were redesigned a few years later to have a grip texture and shape more like the FNP-45 and branded these as FNX pistols. So changing the name of the .45 to FNX is a welcome change for some branding consistency.

Amy - FNP-45 Tactical

The Trijicon RMR shown is the dual illuminated model RM04. This model uses ambient light via fiber optics, when a light source is available, and radioactive tritium when it isn’t. While this model doesn’t require batteries, it is not as bright as the LED models. Life is full of compromises.

Amy - FNP-45 Tactical with RMR

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