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Over a decade ago I found the site Audio Books For Free (ABFF) while searching for ebooks in the public domain. They’ve taken to making downloads available, free of charge, of low quality recordings of public domain books. You can donate or pay for higher quality recordings. A custom MP3 player can also be purchased, in the shape of an AK sporter magazine, complete with all books pre-installed on the player.

The cost was $350 without the books preloaded, or $600 with 7,000 audio books.

audiobooksforfree kalashnikov MP3 player

Like in the photo, I used to wear full sized headphones with my portables. Apparently this was embarrassing to my friends whom attempted to shame me for it. The same friends that now wear Beats by Dre or SkullCandy sets of the same dimensions.

I contacted the company then, and a few years ever since, in hopes this would still be manufactured. Even after the Gizmodo announcement in 2005, I never saw any for sale and the company never responded to emails. Mostly a novelty for sure, but I’m the kind of cynical asshole that wouldn’t use an iPod when they came out – because I worked technical support for Mac computers briefly (not directly for the company) and was tired of Apple. So I wanted something different. Now, it might be a little cheesy and kitsch, but I’m a little cheesy and kitsch a good portion of the time.

I’d love to hear from anyone that purchased one of these, or from ABFF on any future plans. The site has not been updated in a very long time.


ABFF used women to advertise the MP3 player: “Being a Kalashnikov Girl is not easy. A tightly packed schedule of photo-shoots, filmings, pop-music-recordings and charitable appearances has already been laid down for the Triple Kalashnikov Girls throughout 2005.”

audiobooksforfree kalashnikov girl

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