So You Want To Stalk the AAC Girl?

AAC Pinkup CalendarWe’ve had a small handful of emails asking about tattoo artist and model Rachel Anne from Advanced Armament fame. She has been at AAC booths at various events, she was featured on the 2009 Advanced Armament calendar [shown], and even had a sticker made of her likeness.

We don’t know her personally, we haven’t posted anything about her before, and we haven’t followed her career. No one is being hampered from finding photos of her online (google images / tumblr) or in print,for themselves.

But, we also don’t want to seem unhelpful, so a few links are below.

Facebook | Model Mayhem | Liberty Tattoo

That’s as much as we know. Unless you have your own personal photos of her, from gun related events, that you’d like us to post (and we hope you do) – we can’t think of any reason to email us about her again.

If you contact her, we know it is the internet, but be polite.

Originally posted 2013-06-10

Written by Sub Machine Girls

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