Active Shooter (IndieGogo Crowdfunded Movie)

The following was submitted as a press release:

Active Shooter is Patrick Kilpatrick’s film directorial debut.

Active Shooter Movie is a veteran actor’s journey into the mind and ways of mass killers — laced with dark comedy, epic adventures, love and redemption, wrapped in psychological land mines. This controversial and timely film deals with the gun debate from every side of the twisted fence as well as the rise of global stupidity and terrorism, all interwoven with delicate nuances of life and death. Just like senseless massacres, ideas and art that are not tangible, but no less alive, can be killed in Hollywood.

Click HERE to go to the Active Shooter Indiegogo campaign and REWARD YOURSELF with better perks with each ascending package offer. Limited amount of available perks, so hurry and don’t miss your chance to be part of something great and support the 2nd amendment, our first responders!

What would you kill for?

The link takes you to the IndieGogo (its like Kickstater) page with this video:

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