Lindsay: More SITES Spectre HC

Lindsay sporting the SITES Spectre HC pistol from Italy.

Lindsay Sties Spectre HC Pistol B&W

The full-auto version was sold with a forward grip and folding stock as the Spectre M4. Imports weren’t a great many and with the more restrictive United States import laws in the late 1980’s, domestic sales disappeared. The design was sold to a Swiss company and we haven’t seen anything new about it in over a decade.

Lindsay SITES Spectre


Written by Sub Machine Girls



There is nothiing new on the Spectre M4 because it is virtually nonexistent. There are a few HC’s (the civilian version) floating around in the US, but M4’s were never allowed in the US due to the classification of it being a submachine gun. Anyone owning a Spectre HC is prohibited from mounting a forward grip, unless they want to have the HC version reclassfied and pay the $200 tax stamp. Caught with an HC with forward grip, without the reclassification, is a $10,000 fine and/or 10 yrs in a federal prison. In the US, the only way parts can be acquired is to have them custom machined by a gunsmith. There are some places selliing the forward grip for $40 per copy. Plus 50 rd mags are going for about $175-$200 per copy … if they can be found. BTW … your model is handiling the Spectre pretty well, considering the one in her hand has a 50 round magazine. Even empty, she is holding about 7 lbs of iron. A fully loaded 50 rd magazine will push the weight up to almost 8 lbs … definitely not a concealed weapon type.:-)

Dave Kocher

Does anyone know how much these are worth? I cannot find it in the Gun Mags. I have the HC model. Also, does anyone know where I cna purcahse the mags? Unbelievable you cannot mount teh forward grip……..


There are in fact M4’s here, but as I’m sure you know, they are dealer samples only.

I don’t have price guides here with me but I’ll check on it.

The HC pistols in 9mm are selling for $1000, give or take a few hundred depending on how many are for sale at the time. The original pistol grips are going for $70-100, replicas for just over $40. The original top-folding stock will cost you $1000-1200.

The .40SW and .45Auto models command a bit more money and the magazines are very scarce.


I came to this page looking for images of the M4 Spectre. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful Lindsay. I actually like the second “casual” picture best. She has a great smile and her blue eyes really stand out.


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