Cinema Femme Fatale VIII

This one is going to have to go to the character of Sam, instead of Regina, for looking plausibly ridiculous instead of just ridiculous. Sam was portrayed by Kelli Maroney (USA, 1960 December 30) in Night of the Comet (1984). There is a decent synopsis on Wiki, essentially the tail of a comet wipes out most human life.

Night of the Comet - Sam

It’s a mixed sci-fi apocalyptic horror valley girl genre movie. I saw this movie as a child and shouldn’t have re-watched it recently as an adult. There is a lot of screaming, poor special effects, shopping, and ugly haircuts. Even for 1984. All the cool parts really weren’t. I also have a low tolerance for watching shooters using a wrist hold or utilizing a Hollywood teacup grip.

samAside from a revolver Kiley uses an Ingram MAC-10. Sam proclaims, “daddy would have given us UZI’s”.


It looks as though someone has uploaded the entire movie, it is on YouTube as of this post date.

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