Cinema Femme Fatale XIII

Christian Pitre stars in Bounty Killer (2013) as Mary Death. The movie’s plot details are shallow enough to require little imagination. Essentially, post-apocalyptic wild-west styled wasteland where bounties are collected on the greedy heads of the pre-waste corporate capitals, whom instigated much of the destruction. Add muscle cars and bounty collectors dressed in short club dresses and high heels.

It is meant to be silly, which works, but loses some points for the poor CGI. The video quality is decent and was worth the watch. Better than most other B-movies I’ve seen recently. The entirely too-clean apocalyptic attire pauses the suspension of disbelief.


It fulfilled my requirement here, girl with gun, apocalyptic, and I didn’t finish it wishing I’d rather have spent the time cleaning a Hi-Point instead.

I didn’t find an IMFDB entry for it yet, but you’ll see her holding an M16 with M203 grenade launcher, Beretta M9 and blah blah here is a clip instead of my typing.




B-movie style sex scene thrown in out of industry expected obligation I assume, it served no purpose, especially for when it was placed in the film.

A reivew from Chapter Skip…skip to 1:56 to pass the intros.

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