Quartnee Reese: Norinco AK

Quartnee Reese with a Norinco AKS. When the ban came to “non-sporting” rifles the rear of the receiver had to be angle-cut. the first batch of firearms were cut rather than manufactured this way. This AKS Sporter marked rifle would later be imported as a MAK90. Converting it back to a standard stock and pistol grip isn’t too difficult with a few options on the market, however 922(r) has to be complied with so many other parts have to arbitrarily exchanged for USA made parts.
Quartnee with Norinco AKS Sporter
The handguard shown is a Strike AK TRAX with KeyMod. The magazine is from US Palm and is no longer made in the orange/brown colors, only black and FDE.

Written by Sub Machine Girls

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