Bunny Hunter @ SHOT 2015

Serbu’s Bunny Hunter with their SU-15.


The Serbu semi-auto 5.56mm uses standard AR bolt heads, barrel extensions, and barrels. A 16″ barreled carbine and a shorter PDW will be available. The non reciprocating charging handle can be moved to either side. The buffer spring, buffer, and receiver extension/buffer tube are not needed with the AK type recoil spring. This requires a proprietary bolt-carrier but allows for a folding stock. The stock and complete 7075 aluminum upper will be available as well as a complete firearm.

Per Serbu’s facebook page, ideas are floating on making the handguard in Magpul’s new proprietary mounting system or the KeyMod system. Regardless of Facebook feeds, the decision here has not been made yet, we inquired at SHOT. Maybe both.

Bunny Hunter is an avid adventurer – check out her news feeds and videos.

Official Site

Bunny in The Telegraph (UK)

Written by Ethan M

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