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GunDoll: ZiP Factory

This is the new .22LR curio from ZiP Factory. It’s an unconventional design which can be used (if registered with the ATF) as a secondary weapon mounted under a rifle’s handguard. With some imagination there are strange possibilities for this concept. Originally published 2013-02-24

Angela With MK760

The Special Weapons MK760 didn’t live up to the name of the S&W M76 kit used to build it.

Friday Warehouse

A photo showing Friday with FN FNC in a warehouse. Photo by Colin MacNeil for SMG.

M1949 SAFN

Friday with an M1949 Fabrique Nationale chambered in 8mm Mauser for an Egyptian contract.

FN Big Guns Beth

FN closed the U.S. Repeating Arms factory in Connecticut in 2006. With it the Winchester 1200 and 1300 pump shotguns ceased production. Below is the FN branded 1300 Police Shotgun (PS), a parkerized gun with full length magazine tube, and receiver tapped for an optics rail. The PS series was replaced with the P-12.