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Camille: Steyr StG58

Camille with an FN licensed FAL built by Steyr and adopted by the Austrian forces as the STG58. Per the 1968 Gun Control Act the parts kit receiver was cut into three pieces. This particular rifle was rebuilt with a carry-handle cut DSA Type 1 receiver, semi-auto trigger components and enough USA made parts to… Read more »

Big Guns Beth

When asked what name she wanted me to use for her modeling, she had no hesitation, “Big Guns Beth” she replied from the other room.

GunDoll: Special Weapons SW760

The Special Weapons SW760 often sells for $500 to $700 in used or new condition, though sometimes marked for a bit more. Interestingly, the S&W SW76 parts kit they are built on, currently sell for up to $550 themselves. Special Weapons also sold them with shorter barrels as just pistols, these sell for less, as… Read more »

PK: SIG Mosquito

PK with first generation SigSauer .22LR Mosquito S. The truck is a US Army Kaiser M35.

Why Photograph Women With Guns?

Weapons Outfitters takes better photographs than us. Wardrobe, lighting, locations… and they answer the question of why photograph women with guns. We like the cheesiness of 80’s action flicks, Bond girls in super villain hideouts, and antihero comic protagonists like Tank Girl and Black Widow.