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Israeli Army Girls 2015 Calendar by MTKL Apparel

The calendar is available for $20 on as the “Over & Out 2015 Calendar” or $17 from Amazon as the “Real Soldier Girls of the IDF Wall Calendar”. I think TTAG made the point first, exhibited here is personal freedom and lack of censorship in Israel, in undeniable contrast with their surrounding countries. How… Read more »

Hot Shots 2015: Update

A mandatory early retirement is expected after a girls and guns calendar shoot at Camp Williams, Utah. The shoot finished with four Utah national guard personnel being investigated. 4 Utah Guard soldiers disciplined for bikini film shoot 2014-11-03

Alex Smits’ Girls With Guns 2015 Calendar

Photographer Alex Smits has been releasing Girls with Guns calendars for the past few years. The 2015 calendar is available now on ebay for $15 + $5 shipping. The calendar can also be purchased for the same shipped price direct from his website, where he also has some related prints for sale. Unlike most calendars… Read more »

Magpul 2015 Calendar + Video

After checking their website almost every day, Magpul has added their 2015 calendar. For $16.95 you’ll get a 12 month 12″x18″ calendar in black and white, featuring six different women and even more firearms. Magpul has also posted a behind the scenes video on YouTube. As always, we suggest avoiding the comments, is is a… Read more »

Guns and Girls 2015 Calendar

Kelly’s Motorcycle Accessories has released their second annual Guns and Girls calendar. KMA has been publishing calendars of pin-up models with motorcycles for years. The company is host to people that ride, shoot, and hunt. The addition of this calendar to their lineup was long overdue. The KMA 2015 wall calendar is 17″x 28″ inches… Read more »

Active Shooter & Fiocchi

Active Shooter photos with Fiocchi ammunition. We reported on the movie Active Shooter recently. On our request they provided some more photos featuring some of the women from the movie. Official site Facebook

Active Shooter (IndieGogo Crowdfunded Movie)

The following was submitted as a press release: Active Shooter is Patrick Kilpatrick’s film directorial debut. Active Shooter Movie is a veteran actor’s journey into the mind and ways of mass killers — laced with dark comedy, epic adventures, love and redemption, wrapped in psychological land mines. This controversial and timely film deals with the… Read more »