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FB Radom 2014 Calendar

FB Radom have announced they will be opening up a US location in Texas. On Facebook they were also giving away 2014 calendars. W don’t know where to buy one, but it exists. If someone knows how to get one in the USA let us know. Here is their 2013 calendar poster:

AK MP3 Player

Over a decade ago I found the site Audio Books For Free (ABFF) while searching for ebooks in the public domain. They’ve taken to making downloads available, free of charge, of low quality recordings of public domain books. You can donate or pay for higher quality recordings. A custom MP3 player can also be purchased,… Read more »

Women of Troy Calendar

Troy’s calendar is $15.99, with all profits going to the non-profit We Salute You Veterans Foundation. The calendar features Troy employees, including Molly Troy, Troy is receiving some negative press these past two months, for hiring an anti-gun former police chief Jody Weiss and a sniper that was on duty at Ruby Ridge. Those are… Read more »