Lindsay: B&T TP9

Lindsay getting low with a B&T TP9. Orginally published 2013 November.

Big Guns Beth: M38 Mosin-Nagant

Big Guns Beth with Czech ushanka and Vz.60 jacket, featuring a Soviet 1943 Izhevsk Arsenal M38 Mosin-Nagant.

FN Soraya

Soraya with the FN FS2000 bullpup.

  • Hot Shots 2014 Calendar

    Hot Shots 2014 Calendar

    This year’s calendar has a very Bond flare to it. Selling for $12.99 and shipping now (note: the sales link has some images NSFW).

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    Posted on 2013 November 18 by
  • magpul_2014

    MagPul 2014 Calendar

    The video is and the calendar is available for pre-order. At 0:57 in you can see a pair of Sites Spectre M4’s.

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    Posted on 2013 November 17 by
  • nataliefoster

    Natalie Foster for NRA News

    I actually haven’t witnessed this bias myself, but I’m in an environment that encourages owning guns for any and all legal uses.

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    Posted on 2013 June 26 by
  • Sierra Exif JPEG

    Girls & Guns, A Publication for Women

    I was just sifting through news on the Second Amendment Foundation website and noticed they sponsor a publication just for women shooters. Originally posted 2013-06-12

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    Posted on 2013 June 12 by
  • IndianNationalChampion

    Indian 78yo Grandmother & Competitive Airgun Sharpshooter

    This was shared with me, originally from 9Gag, and a quick search found some news on her. At the time of the article below, she had only been shooting for ten years but had won over 25 national championships. Chandro Tomar, 78-Year-Old Indian Grandmother, May Be World’s Oldest Sharpshooter 2012-03-25

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    Posted on 2013 June 6 by
  • Falia XCR

    Falia on Robinson XCR-M

    Falia’s (Falia Photography) review and field strip (including barrel removal) of the XCR-M.

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    Posted on 2013 May 3 by
  • MissBattleBorn

    MissBattleBorn on Self Healing Targets

    Miss Battle Born is disappointed with the self healing target she purchased. We like them – they aren’t fantastic, but we don’t use them with pistol calibers nor at such close range. These targets are convenient when you don’t want to potentially litter and when you have an impromptu range day with just what we… Read more »

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    Posted on 2013 May 2 by
  • Fate of Destinee

    Fate of Destinee with MAC on the Tavor

    Destinee asking questions about the Tavor with Military Arms Channel.

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    Posted on 2013 April 30 by
  • Falia

    Falia on the Jack Carbine

    Falia’s reviews are quite decent, to the point, and not long-winded. Her web site isn’t kept up to date but you can find her on Facebook as Falia Leigh. Falia Reviews (Falia Photography) on the Jack Carbine from Haley Strategic Partners & Bravo Company Manufacturing.

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    Posted on 2013 April 29 by
  • BAR

    Kirsti with M1918 BAR

    You Tube channel Man – Woman – Guns often feature short videos of the Kirsti firing a weapon with another purpose beyond seeing her do just that. Here she is with an M1918 BAR (User Nelson Adcock points out is likely a Colt Monitor).

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    Posted on 2013 April 28 by
  • Jessie Duff thumbnail

    Firearm Demo on Fox News by Jessie Duff

    Jessie Duff was on Hannity in January. Found on Heels and Handguns. In this video on the Fox News show, Hannity. She really demonstrates the difference in various guns, and why banning an AR-15 will not do anything.

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    Posted on 2013 April 19 by
  • Ohio

    Ohio Gun Club For Women Only

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    Posted on 2013 March 30 by