Lindsay: B&T TP9

Lindsay getting low with a B&T TP9. Orginally published 2013 November.

Big Guns Beth: M38 Mosin-Nagant

Big Guns Beth with Czech ushanka and Vz.60 jacket, featuring a Soviet 1943 Izhevsk Arsenal M38 Mosin-Nagant.

FN Soraya

Soraya with the FN FS2000 bullpup.

  • SIG-MOSQUITO - PK 20070722 (3)

    American Women Buying More Guns

    Firearm sales to women are on the rise in Delaware, reports WBOC16.While this isn’t a scientific study or based on statistics, we’ve witnessed the same in Utah. “It’s kind of like a girl’s night out thing, but with guns,” says owner Beth Parsons. “A lot of them have not shot before, but they have friends… Read more »

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    Posted on 2013 March 26 by
  • sweden1_610x458

    Toy Guns & Girls

    This is what a Nerf catalog would look like it catering to girls instead of boys.

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    Posted on 2013 February 26 by
  • Kirsten Weiss

    Lapua Team’s Kirsten Weiss

    Kirsten Weiss on fundamentals Originally seen on ENDO.

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    Posted on 2013 February 24 by
  • Heart

    Happy Valentine’s

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    Posted on 2013 February 14 by
  • pillow

    Concealment Pillows

    The Firearm Blog has an article about a new home pistol concealment product.

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    Posted on 2013 January 17 by
  • MissBattleBorn

    MissBattleBorn: AR15 Free Float Tube Installation

    “In this video, I detail the installation of a Samson Evolution free float hand guard on an AR-15. I also remove the front sight gas block and replace it with a low profile gas block, install a new gas tube, and cut off the delta ring assembly using a dremel.” It looks to us like… Read more »

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    Posted on 2013 January 7 by
  • EyeHandy-Strip-AR15

    How to Strip & Clean an AR15

    Ashley on EyeHandy demonstrates a disassembly and cleaning of an AR15.

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    Posted on 2013 January 1 by
  • Jessie shotgun

    Jessie Duff’s Shotgun Reloading Technique

    The first time I heard of Jessie Duff, was from the video below, where she demonstrates her fast reloading of a shotgun for the Outdoor channel.

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    Posted on 2012 December 27 by
  • Jessie & Gunny

    Jessie Duff & Gunny With Glock 18

    Jessie Duff going full-auto Glock with Gunny on his show Lock N Load on the History channel.

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    Posted on 2012 December 17 by
  • JessieDuff

    A Woman’s Guide to USPSA feat. Jessie Duff

    Jessie Duff (formerly known as both Jessie Abbate and Jessie Harrison-Duff) has had some bad luck in the background of her shooting career (resulting in a divorce from and jail time for her ex husband). In the spotlight, she made a big name for herself on Team Glock but left them when they refused to… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 December 12 by
  • 2013 Special-Night-Time-Service

    Tactical Girls Ltd Posters

    Tactical Girls have added several more posters to their limited print edition lineup; all posters are limited signed copies. Some are even still available as signed copies. Pictures used with permission ©

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    Posted on 2012 December 9 by
  • Tactical Girls 2013

    Tactical Girls 2013 Calendar

    The Tactical Girls 2013 calendar is currently available for $16.95 + shipping. They offer posters, poker chips, clothing, cards, calendar packages – including an Exotic Weapons calendar for those of you wanting to display the firearms by themselves. Tactical Girls is now on their sixth year and continues to get better. Picture used with permission… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 December 8 by