Lindsay: B&T TP9

Lindsay getting low with a B&T TP9. Orginally published 2013 November.

Big Guns Beth: M38 Mosin-Nagant

Big Guns Beth with Czech ushanka and Vz.60 jacket, featuring a Soviet 1943 Izhevsk Arsenal M38 Mosin-Nagant.

FN Soraya

Soraya with the FN FS2000 bullpup.

  • blackheart_th

    Blackheart International 2013 Calendar

    MMA:30 Behind the scenes with Blackheart International’s 2013 calendar. The price is $19.95 + shipping. Featuring: Natasha Wicks, Stephanie Ann Cook, and Jackie Clark. Soldier Systems posted about this calendar and video back in the first week of October.

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    Posted on 2012 December 2 by
  • hotshots2013_th

    Hot Shots 2013 Calendar Intro

    Another video clip from Hot Shots 2013 featuring Kelly Hall, introducing the calendar.

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    Posted on 2012 December 1 by
  • hot shots 2013 Kelly Hall and Sam Cooke

    Hot Shots 2013 Calendar Models

    Here are six of the girls from the 2013 Hot Shots calendar. Hot Shots: Rosie Jones and India Reynolds Hot Shots: Kelly Hall and Sam Cooke Hot Shots: Holly Peers and Emily O’Hara

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    Posted on 2012 November 28 by
  • Zombie Hunters 2013 Calendar Teaser th2

    Zombie Hunters 2013 Calendar Teaser

    Mil-Spec Monkey posted a video teaser for their Zombie Hunters 2013 calendar.

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    Posted on 2012 November 27 by
  • MSM 2013 Zombie Hunters cover

    MSM 2013 Zombie Hunters Calendar

    MSM, aka Mil-Spec Monkey, has their own exclusive calendar for sale this year. Zombie Hunters 2013 calendar is for sale now for $18.00 + shipping. From the MSM site: Done in house with local talent straight up shot at the MSM warehouse, we wanted to showcase a collection of tuff gals to fight the zombie… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 November 24 by
  • Magpul 2013 calendar

    MagPul 2013 Calendar

    MagPul has announced their 2013 calendar is for sale. It appears to be a re-branded Hot Shots calendar; whether or not the photos are the same, we don’t know yet. The 2012 calendars were exceptionally similar. The calendar is $12.95 + shipping.

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    Posted on 2012 November 21 by
  • JessieDuff-Taurus

    Jessie Duff Joins Team Taurus

    Jessie Duff was a shooter for Team Glock but is now part of the Taurus lineup. Her fans were disappointed. Glock has a far better deservedly earned reputation than Taurus – for product anyhow. We don’t know why she switched but we are positive she is a far better marksman than we are. Good luck… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 November 19 by
  • Remove Gun Rust With Onionsth

    Remove Gun Rust With Onions

    A contributor on eHow, Rachel Yatuzis of (now defunct), shows how to clean a diverse collection of items around the house. This is a simple and efficient remedy for removing small rust spots on firearm metals. Removing Minor Rust Spots on Guns — powered by ehow

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    Posted on 2012 November 13 by
  • Red Star Arms Girl ©

    Michelle Viscusi Joins Team Glock

    In no way is it breaking news that former Top Shot competitor and Maxim magazine model Michelle Viscusi has joined Team Glock. We first heard it from her public Facebook page and many blogs have posted details, including Gear Scout, Soldier Systems, ENDO, and Women’s Outdoor News. There has also been an open letter from… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 November 12 by
  • Hot Shots 2013

    Hot Shots 2013 Calendar

        This is the fifth edition from Edgar Brothers, Hot Shots Calendar. Aside from obvious inclusions, like Crye Precision’s Multicam, the 2013 Hot Shots calendar appears to have a retro 1950′s pin-up style. The cost is $12.99 each and the shipping is $6.99, thanks to Gear Scout (click their link for a great photo)… Read more »

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    Posted on 2012 November 11 by