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Quartnee Reese: Norinco AK

Quartnee Reese with a Norinco AKS. When the ban came to “non-sporting” rifles the rear of the receiver had to be angle-cut. the first batch of firearms were cut rather than manufactured this way. This AKS Sporter marked rifle would later be imported as a MAK90. Converting it back to a standard stock and pistol… Read more »

Ash with AK-105

Ash, from the competent JMAC Customs, firing off a magazine in full-auto from a Bulgarian AK-105. The semi-auto variant, the Arsenal SLR-104CR, was expected to eventually be released this year. I worry it may not happen because of the new restrictions on imported 5.45x39mm ammunition.

Ash Fires Full Auto AK

“This is JMAC Customs Video entry for the November Shot ShowOff contest for K-Var Corp” Full auto AK, first time for Ash. Blooper reel with an unrecommended ending. Go to their YouTube channel to subscribe.

FB Radom Promos

These are some officially released promo photos from Polish manufacturer FB Radom. The Hollywood teacup hold on that pistol is out-dated. This is the Beryl Archer, based on the Wz.2004 Beryl AK in 5.56x45mm.

Cherry Bomb: SAIGA-12 Kushnapup Bullpup

There is little to argue against a 12 gauge shotgun as a home defense solution. Rather than equipping yourself with a pistol grip shotgun, in order to reduce the length for indoors, enter the Kushnapup conversion for your SAIGA-12. The Kushnapup conversion was designed primarily to work with the 12 gauge version of the Russian… Read more »

MissBattleBorn on Self Healing Targets

Miss Battle Born is disappointed with the self healing target she purchased. We like them – they aren’t fantastic, but we don’t use them with pistol calibers nor at such close range. These targets are convenient when you don’t want to potentially litter and when you have an impromptu range day with just what we… Read more »