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FN Big Guns Beth

FN closed the U.S. Repeating Arms factory in Connecticut in 2006. With it the Winchester 1200 and 1300 pump shotguns ceased production. Below is the FN branded 1300 Police Shotgun (PS), a parkerized gun with full length magazine tube, and receiver tapped for an optics rail. The PS series was replaced with the P-12.

Big Guns Beth: FN 1300 Shotgun

This is the FNH USA – Police Shotgun branded variant of the Winchester 1300, made in Connecticut before the plant closure in 2006. Referenced: Aftermath Gun Club FN Rejoins the Pump Shotgun Market 2012-08-07 FNH USA The World’s Fastest Shotguns official site

Big Guns Beth

When asked what name she wanted me to use for her modeling, she had no hesitation, “Big Guns Beth” she replied from the other room.