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So You Want To Stalk the AAC Girl?

We’ve had a small handful of emails asking about tattoo artist and model Rachel Anne from Advanced Armament fame. She has been at AAC booths at various events, she was featured on the 2009 Advanced Armament calendar [shown], and even had a sticker made of her likeness. We don’t know her personally, we haven’t posted… Read more »

FB Radom 2014 Calendar

FB Radom have announced they will be opening up a US location in Texas. On Facebook they were also giving away 2014 calendars. W don’t know where to buy one, but it exists. If someone knows how to get one in the USA let us know. Here is their 2013 calendar poster:

Women of Troy Calendar

Troy’s calendar is $15.99, with all profits going to the non-profit We Salute You Veterans Foundation. The calendar features Troy employees, including Molly Troy, Troy is receiving some negative press these past two months, for hiring an anti-gun former police chief Jody Weiss and a sniper that was on duty at Ruby Ridge. Those are… Read more »

Nemesis Gear Guns & Girls Calendar

Considering the $28 price tag, there are better calendars on the market. I do appreciate some of the minimalist photos, but more importantly, the lack of ads. If you don’t mind the made-at-Kinkos look, and prefer something simple, this may be your  2014 month-to-month.

Dillon Precision 2014 Calendar

Dillon Precision has had been putting out girls with guns calendars for many years. Their 2014 Calendar is available now for $12.95. You can get an idea of the quality of their photos from their Blue Press Instagram page.

Stephanie Hayden 2014 Calendar

Stephanie Hayden, from the TV show Sons of Guns, has a new calendar for 2014 available for pre-order on eBay at $19.99+$5.68 shipping. Based on the eBay username shayden333 and that copies are autographed, I’d guess it is being sold directly. I don’t know about the content, but the below image is one of the… Read more »

Dillon Aero 2014 Calendar

Strangely, I don’t see the 2014 Dillon Aero calendar on their site, but I do see it on eBay. The recently arrived January 2014 edition of Blue Press doesn’t show the Aero calendar either. UPDATE: These were given out at SHOT Show 2014.

Tactical Girls 2014 Calendar

Probably the most recognizable brand for gun girl calendars is Tactical Girls. The 2014 calendar is less than most of the competition at $16.95. Accompanying playing cards and posters are also available.