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Jacqueline Carrizosa @ SHOT 2015

Here Jacqueline (Facebook) is signing my calendar poster at the US Nightvision / Mag Wrap booth. The make safe and fridge wraps now; for the single guy that has “everything”. Check her out on Firearms For Life. This is a candid of GunDoll and Jacqueline talking shop. I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, but… Read more »

JJ Racaza

GunDoll with Top Shot season one’s JJ Racaza representing Team Caracal. One of the nicest guys we’ve ever met at SHOT Show.

Indian 78yo Grandmother & Competitive Airgun Sharpshooter

This was shared with me, originally from 9Gag, and a quick search found some news on her. At the time of the article below, she had only been shooting for ten years but had won over 25 national championships. Chandro Tomar, 78-Year-Old Indian Grandmother, May Be World’s Oldest Sharpshooter 2012-03-25

MissBattleBorn on Self Healing Targets

Miss Battle Born is disappointed with the self healing target she purchased. We like them – they aren’t fantastic, but we don’t use them with pistol calibers nor at such close range. These targets are convenient when you don’t want to potentially litter and when you have an impromptu range day with just what we… Read more »

Falia on the Jack Carbine

Falia’s reviews are quite decent, to the point, and not long-winded. Her web site isn’t kept up to date but you can find her on Facebook as Falia Leigh. Falia Reviews (Falia Photography) on the Jack Carbine from Haley Strategic Partners & Bravo Company Manufacturing.

Firearm Demo on Fox News by Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff was on Hannity in January. Found on Heels and Handguns. In this video on the Fox News show, Hannity. She really demonstrates the difference in various guns, and why banning an AR-15 will not do anything.

A Woman’s Guide to USPSA feat. Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff (formerly known as both Jessie Abbate and Jessie Harrison-Duff) has had some bad luck in the background of her shooting career (resulting in a divorce from and jail time for her ex husband). In the spotlight, she made a big name for herself on Team Glock but left them when they refused to… Read more »

Jessie Duff Joins Team Taurus

Jessie Duff was a shooter for Team Glock but is now part of the Taurus lineup. Her fans were disappointed. Glock has a far better deservedly earned reputation than Taurus – for product anyhow. We don’t know why she switched but we are positive she is a far better marksman than we are. Good luck… Read more »

Michelle Viscusi Joins Team Glock

In no way is it breaking news that former Top Shot competitor and Maxim magazine model Michelle Viscusi has joined Team Glock. We first heard it from her public Facebook page and many blogs have posted details, including Gear Scout, Soldier Systems, ENDO, and Women’s Outdoor News. There has also been an open letter from… Read more »