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GunDoll: FN M1949

The M1949 SAFN is the predecessor to the FAL. The following rifle is an Egyptian contract, chambered in 8mm Mauser and made in Belgium.


Our friend oneamyseven’s first time shooting (from a few years ago).

Big Guns Beth: FN 1300 Shotgun

This is the FNH USA – Police Shotgun branded variant of the Winchester 1300, made in Connecticut before the plant closure in 2006. Referenced: Aftermath Gun Club FN Rejoins the Pump Shotgun Market 2012-08-07 FNH USA The World’s Fastest Shotguns official site

Amy: StG58

This is an Austrian Steyr StG58 Paratrooper Carbine, licensed from FN of Belgium and quite similar to the FN FAL 50.63. The Austrian parts kit was rebuilt in the USA with an American made receiver by DSA and features a DSA 30 round magazine. The suppressor is an AAC model 7.62 SD.

Guns & Lace: PS90

From the Guns & Lace YouTube page comes G&L’s 2012’s Miss October, Meilyn Saychow, in a red corset and showing off a PS90. Far more professional than our YouTube videos, but similar in that it is just a girl, a gun, and some music.

Cherry Bomb: FN SCAR 16S

Some early video stills from one of our first shoots, we’ve come a long way, but have even further to venture. Cherry Bomb with an FN SCAR 16S.