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GunDoll: AAA SAP

GunDoll with an Australian Automatic Arms SAP (Semi-Auto Pistol) made in Tasmania. AAA purchased the patents from the original designs of Leader Dynamics where Charles St. George was the design lead. Below is an official SAP photo from an early 1990’s AAA brochure.

GunDoll: ZiP Factory

This is the new .22LR curio from ZiP Factory. It’s an unconventional design which can be used (if registered with the ATF) as a secondary weapon mounted under a rifle’s handguard. With some imagination there are strange possibilities for this concept. Originally published 2013-02-24

Jacqueline Carrizosa @ SHOT 2015

Here Jacqueline (Facebook) is signing my calendar poster at the US Nightvision / Mag Wrap booth. The make safe and fridge wraps now; for the single guy that has “everything”. Check her out on Firearms For Life. This is a candid of GunDoll and Jacqueline talking shop. I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, but… Read more »

LeeAnna Vamp & Nicole Marie Jean

I spoke with LeeAnna Vamp at a Salt Lake Comic Con (more than once) and recognized her at SHOT Show 2015. She was with Evike whom supply the airsoft guns for her photos. Also with her was talented costume maker and cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean, also a past attendee of the SLC cons. Nicole Marie… Read more »

GunDoll: FN M1949

The M1949 SAFN is the predecessor to the FAL. The following rifle is an Egyptian contract, chambered in 8mm Mauser and made in Belgium.

Angelika Khomenets At DSA

With a SHOT badge that had both her first and last name misspelled, Angelika Khomenets was signing posters at the DSA Arms booth. Angelika’s Model Mayhem Profile Bodybuilding as Anzhelika Khomenets: NPC 2013 National Chamionships