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GunDoll: Caracal CC10

Caracal showed off their CC10 sub-carbine at SHOT Show 2013. It is expected in 9x19mm and .40S&W.

JJ Racaza

GunDoll with Top Shot season one’s JJ Racaza representing Team Caracal. One of the nicest guys we’ve ever met at SHOT Show.

GunDoll: RobArm XCR-M

GunDoll with the Robinson Armament XCR-M before firing it at the range for the first time.

GunDoll: Special Weapons SW760

The Special Weapons SW760 often sells for $500 to $700 in used or new condition, though sometimes marked for a bit more. Interestingly, the S&W SW76 parts kit they are built on, currently sell for up to $550 themselves. Special Weapons also sold them with shorter barrels as just pistols, these sell for less, as… Read more »