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Special Weapons SP10

Tisna is holding a polymer framed MP5. Special Weapons made a metal reinforced polymer receiver to house H&K MP5 parts kits. This is a 922(r) compliant semi-auto with the folding stock and 16 in barrel.

50CalVal’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Valerie Serbu (daughter of Serbu Firearms‘ Mark Serbu) dumps an MP5 magazine and is then doused with ice-water. All part of the well-known ALS charity challenge that was viral online a few months ago. We missed this video at the time and hope to see more gun-related videos from her. I haven’t seen anything viral… Read more »


PK with MP5K, edited by Appendy (she removed the pickup truck in the background).

Cinema Femme Fatale II

Asia Argento (Italy, 1975 September 20) in Land of the Dead (2005). The movie centers around a surviving city compound in a world overrun by zombies. The Internet Movie Firearms Database lists the H&K G36C and M1911 as the only two firearms she used in the film.