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EyeHandy: Escape a Deserted Island

In September of 2013, EyeHandy posted an article on how to escape a deserted island. Expect everything to take longer than planned and every day will be spent staying alive, rather than sun-tanning and playing in tide pools. At least that’s how I imagine it, enjoy the madness. EyeHandy How-To Survive And Escape From A… Read more »

Morgan from Bigshooterist With Uzi

Jeff and Morgan, of BigShooterist, shared a video firing off an Uzi with suppressor and subsonic ammunition. Quiet shooting makes my ears happy.

Red Jacket Suppressed SAIGA-12

When handing a woman (new to shooting) a firearm, take a moment to instruct her on how to best wield the firearm. Not just safety but stance, hold, sight-alignment, recoil management, and trigger. Do this before picking up the camera. There isn’t anything horrible wrong here, they look like they are having fun, but we… Read more »

Flashbang Bra Holster Demo

This is a video demo of the Flashbang Bra concealment holster, also has a short write up on it.

Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical

The eleventh episode of New Energy, from NRA Women, presents Archangel Tactical’s Nikki Turpeaux. She speaks of her personal experience and encourages the resolve to train. “Just because you feel safe doesn’t mean you are,” says Nikki Turpeaux. The founder of Archangel Tactical LLC and Get A G.R.I.P. Ladies challenges her students to take personal… Read more »

MissBattleBorn: AR15 Free Float Tube Installation

“In this video, I detail the installation of a Samson Evolution free float hand guard on an AR-15. I also remove the front sight gas block and replace it with a low profile gas block, install a new gas tube, and cut off the delta ring assembly using a dremel.” It looks to us like… Read more »