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Friday Warehouse

A photo showing Friday with FN FNC in a warehouse. Photo by Colin MacNeil for SMG.

Tisna with Uzi

This is a semi-auto Uzi from Vector Arms, the barrel was shortened in image editing. Image quality dropped when saving files but will have to fix it later.

Tisna: M11A1

As the sun came over the mountains, Tisna took a look from her hiding space; wielding a Cobray M11A1 prop.

Kirsti with M1918 BAR

You Tube channel Man – Woman – Guns often feature short videos of the Kirsti firing a weapon with another purpose beyond seeing her do just that. Here she is with an M1918 BAR (User Nelson Adcock points out is likely a Colt Monitor).


PK with MP5K, edited by Appendy (she removed the pickup truck in the background).

Ash with AK-105

Ash, from the competent JMAC Customs, firing off a magazine in full-auto from a Bulgarian AK-105. The semi-auto variant, the Arsenal SLR-104CR, was expected to eventually be released this year. I worry it may not happen because of the new restrictions on imported 5.45x39mm ammunition.