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Alex Smits’ Girls With Guns 2015 Calendar

Photographer Alex Smits has been releasing Girls with Guns calendars for the past few years. The 2015 calendar is available now on ebay for $15 + $5 shipping. The calendar can also be purchased for the same shipped price direct from his website, where he also has some related prints for sale. Unlike most calendars… Read more »

Ashlin Evelyn Cosplay

For the Screwed booth, model Ashlin Evelyn (Facebook) portraying agent Erin Scott. Screwed is a modern twist on the Frankenstein tale. Screwed features the art of David Miller and a story by Tyler Kirham and Keith Thomas. Screwed is available online from Zenescope. Check out updates and more photos of the booth girls at Tyler… Read more »

Kristen Hughey Cosplay

Kristen Hughey is a vastly enjoyable person that is both humble and delightful. I haven’t played League of Legends so she had to tell me what the cosplay was for. Obviously, she had gun props and so these belongs here. If you spend time looking her up on her site or facebook, you’ll find she… Read more »

Comic Con Cosplay

This was a Salt Lake City ComicCon FanXperience cosplayer I chatted with briefly. She was sternly told not to pull her replica pistols out because they looked to real. I love the boots.