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Quartnee Reese: Norinco AK

Quartnee Reese with a Norinco AKS. When the ban came to “non-sporting” rifles the rear of the receiver had to be angle-cut. the first batch of firearms were cut rather than manufactured this way. This AKS Sporter marked rifle would later be imported as a MAK90. Converting it back to a standard stock and pistol… Read more »

Quartnee Reese: Beretta AR70

Quartnee Reese with two Beretta’s. One is an original Beretta AR70/SPORT and the other is an AR70/.223 military rifle parts kit that was rebuilt by AZEX as a 922(r) legal semi-auto rifle.

Quartnee Reese: ArmaLite AR-180 Part.3

Quartnee Reese is holding an AR-180 made in England by Sterling and imported by ArmaLite of Costa Mesa before they closed their doors in the 1970’s. In Ireland the Sterling Ar-18 is often known as “The Widowmaker”. The rifle has a curious lineage, most notable it was a scaled down 5.56x45mm variant of the AR-16… Read more »