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Amy: StG58

This is an Austrian Steyr StG58 Paratrooper Carbine, licensed from FN of Belgium and quite similar to the FN FAL 50.63. The Austrian parts kit was rebuilt in the USA with an American made receiver by DSA and features a DSA 30 round magazine. The suppressor is an AAC model 7.62 SD.

Quartnee Reese: ArmaLite AR-180 Part.3

Quartnee Reese is holding an AR-180 made in England by Sterling and imported by ArmaLite of Costa Mesa before they closed their doors in the 1970’s. In Ireland the Sterling Ar-18 is often known as “The Widowmaker”. The rifle has a curious lineage, most notable it was a scaled down 5.56x45mm variant of the AR-16… Read more »

Erica Crosby @ SHOT 2013

Erica Crosby at the American Spirit Arms (ASA) booth. The ASA side folding stock is our preferred side-charging modification for AR15 models. Erica is a Tactical Girls calendar model from the 2011 and 2012 editions. Below is the poster she was signing and handing out.

Guns & Lace: PS90

From the Guns & Lace YouTube page comes G&L’s 2012’s Miss October, Meilyn Saychow, in a red corset and showing off a PS90. Far more professional than our YouTube videos, but similar in that it is just a girl, a gun, and some music.

Keltec RFB Field Strip

This video is done by Pistol Marks and she does a great job going through the take down. I also really want that couch, it is close tow hat I’ve been looking for.

GunDoll: RobArm XCR-M

GunDoll with the Robinson Armament XCR-M before firing it at the range for the first time.