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GunDoll: Caracal CC10

Caracal showed off their CC10 sub-carbine at SHOT Show 2013. It is expected in 9x19mm and .40S&W.

JJ Racaza

GunDoll with Top Shot season one’s JJ Racaza representing Team Caracal. One of the nicest guys we’ve ever met at SHOT Show.

Erica Crosby @ SHOT 2013

Erica Crosby at the American Spirit Arms (ASA) booth. The ASA side folding stock is our preferred side-charging modification for AR15 models. Erica is a Tactical Girls calendar model from the 2011 and 2012 editions. Below is the poster she was signing and handing out.

Stephani of Serbu @ SHOT 2013

Stephani, from Serbu Firearms, was kind enough to pose for a photo. She spent time explaining the Serbu AOW shotguns to attendees visiting their booth. If you had a chance to be at the show, hope you stopped by to talk With Serbu, good company, good people.

Booth Babes @ SHOT 2013

Check out Guns & Ammo’s slideshow of SHOT 2013 booth babes. It looks like they also made it a competition by allowing anyone to vote on their favorite. Make sure you select the one with the best personality. In the G&A archives you can also view the booth babes of 2012.