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FN Big Guns Beth

FN closed the U.S. Repeating Arms factory in Connecticut in 2006. With it the Winchester 1200 and 1300 pump shotguns ceased production. Below is the FN branded 1300 Police Shotgun (PS), a parkerized gun with full length magazine tube, and receiver tapped for an optics rail. The PS series was replaced with the P-12.


Our friend oneamyseven’s first time shooting (from a few years ago).

Big Guns Beth: FN 1300 Shotgun

This is the FNH USA – Police Shotgun branded variant of the Winchester 1300, made in Connecticut before the plant closure in 2006. Referenced: Aftermath Gun Club FN Rejoins the Pump Shotgun Market 2012-08-07 FNH USA The World’s Fastest Shotguns official site

Cinema Femme Fatale VI

It’s the end of the week, and so it’s Femme Fatale Friday. This marks the sixth week of the Aftermath Girls blog. Before Tank Girl was release, rumor was she got the part because she was the first actress willing to shave the side of her head for the role. Lori Petty (USA, 1963 October… Read more »

Red Jacket Suppressed SAIGA-12

When handing a woman (new to shooting) a firearm, take a moment to instruct her on how to best wield the firearm. Not just safety but stance, hold, sight-alignment, recoil management, and trigger. Do this before picking up the camera. There isn’t anything horrible wrong here, they look like they are having fun, but we… Read more »

Cherry Bomb: SAIGA-12 Kushnapup Bullpup

There is little to argue against a 12 gauge shotgun as a home defense solution. Rather than equipping yourself with a pistol grip shotgun, in order to reduce the length for indoors, enter the Kushnapup conversion for your SAIGA-12. The Kushnapup conversion was designed primarily to work with the 12 gauge version of the Russian… Read more »