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Partial Steyr S9A1 on the table and a Steyr STG58 in her hands (with a DSA SA58 receiver).

The Way The Morning Broke Was Quite Unusual

PK with a Steyr M9A1. Introduced in 2004 to replace the M9, the USA models lack the manual safety (which is optional in Europe). The specimen shown is a pre-2010 import, starting in 2010 they slightly improved the trigger. Showing off a vintage Front 242 t-shirt. With a 9mm cartridge, note the M1911 on the… Read more »

Camille: DSA STG58

Camille with a Steyr STG58 * This is an Austrian Steyr STG58 parks kit, licensed from the Belgian FN FAL, and built on a USA DSA receiver in semi-auto.