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Amy: StG58

This is an Austrian Steyr StG58 Paratrooper Carbine, licensed from FN of Belgium and quite similar to the FN FAL 50.63. The Austrian parts kit was rebuilt in the USA with an American made receiver by DSA and features a DSA 30 round magazine. The suppressor is an AAC model 7.62 SD.

Morgan from Bigshooterist With Uzi

Jeff and Morgan, of BigShooterist, shared a video firing off an Uzi with suppressor and subsonic ammunition. Quiet shooting makes my ears happy.

Red Jacket Suppressed SAIGA-12

When handing a woman (new to shooting) a firearm, take a moment to instruct her on how to best wield the firearm. Not just safety but stance, hold, sight-alignment, recoil management, and trigger. Do this before picking up the camera. There isn’t anything horrible wrong here, they look like they are having fun, but we… Read more »

Falia on Robinson XCR-M

Falia’s (Falia Photography) review and field strip (including barrel removal) of the XCR-M.