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Our friend oneamyseven’s first time shooting (from a few years ago).

Cinema Femme Fatale III

Rhona Mitra (England, 1976 August 9) in Doomsday (2008). This action movie centers around a quarantined section of the UK, where the British work to prevent a potentially world compromising disaster. The Internet Movie Firearms Database lists her using four firearms in this film: Neostead 2000, Vektor CP1, Vektor CR21, & a Walther P38. The… Read more »

Soraya: Vektor CP1 Pistols

Soraya dual wielding* a pair of South African Vektor CP1 pistols. * Don’t actually shoot like this, it’s retarded and belongs in comics, video games, and movies only. This shouldn’t have to be said, but I’ve seen some videos…