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Israeli Army Girls 2015 Calendar by MTKL Apparel

The calendar is available for $20 on as the “Over & Out 2015 Calendar” or $17 from Amazon as the “Real Soldier Girls of the IDF Wall Calendar”. I think TTAG made the point first, exhibited here is personal freedom and lack of censorship in Israel, in undeniable contrast with their surrounding countries. How… Read more »

Magpul 2015 Calendar + Video

After checking their website almost every day, Magpul has added their 2015 calendar. For $16.95 you’ll get a 12 month 12″x18″ calendar in black and white, featuring six different women and even more firearms. Magpul has also posted a behind the scenes video on YouTube. As always, we suggest avoiding the comments, is is a… Read more »

50CalVal’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Valerie Serbu (daughter of Serbu Firearms‘ Mark Serbu) dumps an MP5 magazine and is then doused with ice-water. All part of the well-known ALS charity challenge that was viral online a few months ago. We missed this video at the time and hope to see more gun-related videos from her. I haven’t seen anything viral… Read more »

Active Shooter (IndieGogo Crowdfunded Movie)

The following was submitted as a press release: Active Shooter is Patrick Kilpatrick’s film directorial debut. Active Shooter Movie is a veteran actor’s journey into the mind and ways of mass killers — laced with dark comedy, epic adventures, love and redemption, wrapped in psychological land mines. This controversial and timely film deals with the… Read more »

Guns & Lace: PS90

From the Guns & Lace YouTube page comes G&L’s 2012’s Miss October, Meilyn Saychow, in a red corset and showing off a PS90. Far more professional than our YouTube videos, but similar in that it is just a girl, a gun, and some music.

Ash with AK-105

Ash, from the competent JMAC Customs, firing off a magazine in full-auto from a Bulgarian AK-105. The semi-auto variant, the Arsenal SLR-104CR, was expected to eventually be released this year. I worry it may not happen because of the new restrictions on imported 5.45x39mm ammunition.

Keltec RFB Field Strip

This video is done by Pistol Marks and she does a great job going through the take down. I also really want that couch, it is close tow hat I’ve been looking for.